January 24, 2011

Driving in Suburbia - Cell Phones & Texting & Drinking, Oh My!!!

I am sitting here in our home at the computer typing & thinking, as I look out my window surrounded by trees & our beautiful garden that we've created. I have this repeated, gut feeling that this is a great place to visit, but... damn, I miss New York City and... where are all the people here???

I know where all my clothes are (we have closet space), we live in a much larger space (we have more than one room)... but, there is no life outside of mall life and highway driving! You have to drive everywhere! OMG, I love to walk and see people on the streets at all times of the day. If you don't want to walk, there are options - subways, crosstown buses, taxi cabs, gypsy cabs... options. Okay, I'll admit since living out here in Suburbia, many of my fears/phobias have surfaced! (Probably because they finally have the space to do so)!!! One of my biggest fears is driving. There, I said it out loud.. driving! People are driving using cell phones & texting & drinking, Oh My. Cell phones & texting & drinking, Oh My!!! What is that about? Do they need to see the Wizard before their designated time? 
This is Suburbia in its truest form. Very white, not much variety. No Jews, no Blacks and no Gays! (Just like the old school disco song). Okay, I like variety, I find life out here too sheltered and no diversity. That's fine for some, but when you grow up in New York City, you love the diversity, you need the diversity, you crave the diversity! It gives you something to talk about. You have a wide variety of people to complain about! Maybe being a true New Yorker means that you're only happy when you have something to complain about? If that's the case, I am definitely a New Yorker, because I have been complaining non stop since moving to California. But in many ways, I just feel as if I am fighting for my sanity while trying to survive suburia. 

So here's where I get to ask for your help. How do you feel about my dilemma? Has anyone felt this way? What have you done to cope? I don't want my blog to sound like an angry rant, but rather as a journey that I am going through and sharing with you all.

January 18, 2011

Displaced... From NYC 2 San Fran

One of my goals with this blog is to try to make "friends" with Marin & San Francisco. Being a newbie to the Bay Area from NYC, suburban life is totally new & foreign to me. So as I learn about the area, I will share my tips with you all... But, I'm gonna need everyones help that reads my blog. I am reaching out to you to give me suggestions, tips, & thoughts... all the things I could do for a newbie in NYC.