April 30, 2015

Street Talk- My NY

Waiting on a subway platform in NYC, I notice that almost everybody is on their phones. I was just about to check mine when I decided to stop, watch and listen to the people around me... at least the few that weren't "connected." I overheard this conversation between two friends. It went something like this...

Dwayne: Yo Angel, listen to me. Ya know what I'm sayin', right? Ya know what I'm sayin'? 

Angel: No,  Dwayne, I don't have any idea what the hell you are talking about!

Dwayne: Ahh, come on. You're messing' wit me. Ya know what I'm sayin', don't ya?

Angel: Ya know Angel, I can't understand what the f*ck you're saying and you think I know what you mean? 

Dwayne: Man, you got an attitude today.

Angel: An attitude? Why don't you just try to use words when you speak, try using full sentences. You know what they are don't ya? They got nouns and verbs in them, they usually have a point.

Dwayne: A point? Oh shit, forget it! Ya don't know what I'm saying. You don't even know me anymore.

Angel: I guess not cause you don't even try to understand what I'm trying to say when I speak to you!

Dwayne: Exactly, that's what I'm sayin'. That's why we get along so well, we so different.

Angel: So now we get along? I'm really confused, let's forget it. You don't know what I'm saying! You don't know.

Dwayne: I KNOW exactly what you're saying. Ya know what I'm sayin'?

Angel: Yeah, I know what you're saying. Sorry, it was just a rough day for me.

Dwayne: Word! See... ya know what I'm sayin'.

Sometimes being "connected" is overrated and we just gotta stop and listen to each other. Just like I did on the subway platform... Ya know what I'm saying?

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