January 18, 2012

Janis Joplin - "Pizza My Heart"

January 19th is Janis Joplin's birthday & she was one of my first "idols". I read everything about her & listened to her music for hours while annoying my parents. I admired her for her voice, her creativity, her honesty & for being so ahead of her time by thinking outside the box! And actually questioning "the box"... whatever the box is! I totally related to her feeling like an outsider, like many of us felt in school & this was before bullying was even a cause.
The ironic thing now is that I live near her last home (which was in Larkspur)... a beautiful suburban town with redwood trees not far from San Francisco - a city she loved. How she ever drove home in her psychedelic Porsche over the Golden Gate Bridge through the windy roads in Larkspur at night is a miracle!
Even though Janis has been gone for many years... her energy & her music still live. She has inspired many & a lot of us have learned from her "Get it While You Can" philosophy. The other day I passed by a pizza place called "Pizza My Heart" & that is when I realized I hadda write about Janis.
Janis... Happy Birthday & Keep on Rockin’! Who knows I may even take a short drive by your place & have a shot (or two) of Southern Comfort in celebration of your life - after the drive of course!

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