July 7, 2014

Boxed In Suburbia

I could live in an apartment the size of a box in Manhattan. I've done it before and can do it again, I don't need much space. I am always amazed at the suburban mentality of needing all the unnecessary space. Why would a couple complain that three thousand square feet is just not enough? Really, I don't get it. How much space do you really need? Gimme a studio the size of a box and I'd be happy.

Continuing my quest for happiness, I did find a box I liked in Suburbia. What kind of box you may ask, I'll tell ya... a box of wine! I finally bought and drank my first boxed wine. Okay, I'm outing myself I think I've become a Suburbanite! WTF? Like it or not, I am Out in Suburbia... at least for now. I gotta tell ya the wine was really good! A nice light tasty Pinot Noir which really paired quite well with a veggie salad and a caramelized onion, red pepper and mushroom blue cheese burger. Oh, Jesus... now I'm starting to sound like a Californian.

It was a perfect night to be sitting outside in the garden working on our play while drinking some boxed wine. OMG, who am I? I need a NYC fix! Hello United Airlines, whaddya mean there aren't any reward flights from SFO to NYC. I need the city NOW!

Pheww. Okay, I'm a little better after two glasses of wine and ten mosquito bites. What was I saying before I interrupted myself... oh that's right boxed wine. A great reason to drink wine in a box is that you never know how much wine you drink! And of course you can't break the bottle. Where am I going with this?

Here's our "How To" video of how to open your wine in a box. Who knew it was this easy? If you're unable to view the above video, please click on this link: Boxed In Suburbia 

This has to be my final initiation into Suburbia, because as you all know by now "these vagabond shoes are longing to stray". I gotta get back to NYC ASAP. I'd happily live in a studio the size of a box and the hell with the wine in a box. Manhattan box apartment vs Suburban box wine? Hmmm, hello New York? I need a box! Yes, I'll hold... for a New York minute.
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