July 30, 2015

Not Just Another Day at the Beach - My Suburbia

There's been a major heatwave going on in Northern California. Being a New Yorker I'm familiar with heat and humidity but I always had air conditioning. It just ain't that way here in Suburbia - no A/C!

For a change of pace and to beat the heat I decided to go to the beach... ya know "When in Rome". Most Easterners think California is all about the beaches - I certainly did! But when I moved out here, I found out "It Ain't Necessarily So" at least not in Northern California. I've only been to one beach in the last few years so I was really looking forward to my beach outing.

As I drove closer to the beach I noticed something dark lurking ahead. It was the infamous San Francisco fog starting to roll in. It wasn't gonna "Rain on My Parade", but it certainly looked like "A Foggy Day in London Town" on my beach day! Humph! I was determined to enjoy this damn California beach, that's one of the reasons why I moved here! I was gonna lay out, chill out, cool off and get some sunshine trying to be in the moment (a very challenging thing for me to do). I was planning on letting go of my thoughts and nonstop frustrating work of trying to find an apartment in NYC for the last year or so. I was gonna relax, damn it and have one of those classic California beach days.

I made my way to the parking lot and realized I was doomed... there was no sun to be found. In fact after getting out of the car, I didn't need to put on my bathing suit but I needed a jacket! WTF? On the bright side (no pun intended) the temperature was much cooler and I got some good photos walking along the brown sandy beach. It wasn't like any of my white sandy beaches back East - Jones Beach, Rye Beach, Orchard Beach or even Cape Cod. But what the hell, it was another experience in "My Suburbia".

After leaving the beach, I found the sun was still out as I continued my drive back North. Oy! Is this Kharma? When I got home the sun was still beating down on my roof and my apartment was hotter than a NY Subway platform. BTW, that is as close to Hell as you can get! Then I took a moment and remembered that at least I got to see a few surfer boys get in and out of their wetsuits in the parking lot. Hmmmm... so maybe it wasn't just another day at the beach, but it was mine and the heatwave continues.

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