November 19, 2015

Cobblestone Community ~ My NYC

What most people don't know about NYC is that it ain't all about skyscrapers, bright lights and Disneyfied gentrification. New York is made up of many communities, neighborhoods and landmarked areas. It's still the "melting pot" and that's one of the many things I love about NY... a little something for everyone.

Stereotypes suck and it's a shame that a lot of people still think of New Yorkers as rude and unfriendly people. That's so untrue because New Yorkers are the first to give directions when you're lost. They stick together when disasters strike and will speak out for a cause.

I'm proud to be part of the #SaveGansevoort group trying to preserve the challenged landmark areas of NY. One of the last frontiers battling with yet another money hungry landlord is Gansevoort Street. We're trying to keep one of the few remaining blocks low-rise, retaining its original character. I'm lucky enough to remember when the Meatpacking District was full of character! There wasn't a hint of the bridge and tunnel "hipsters" glued to their cell phones googling the next hot spot. They're oblivious to the landmarked areas they're walking thru taking their umpteenth selfie... unless of course their Manolo Blahniks get stuck in the iconic cobblestone streets.

Where have all the real club kids gone? The ones who dangerously ventured to the after hour clubs in the Meatpacking District? Where have the trannies gone that walked around until the early morning hours as the meats were being delivered by the truckers? Who remembers The Mineshaft, Florent, the Piers, Hogs & Heifers or J's? Does anyone remember the smell of raw meat and the sight of blood being hosed down the cobblestones? I remember...

Change is good (usually) but for me what I love about New York is the dedication of a community sticking together trying to preserve a little of the "Old New York". I only hope our future generations will be able to see that history does matter and that landmarks will still be around for them to enjoy.

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