May 31, 2016

Room With A View - My NYC

I'm looking out my window in Suburbia while obsessively scouring the New York real estate ads in search of an apartment. It doesn't matter how small the apartment, I don't need all the space that Suburbia has to offer. I need the energy, the life and the public transportation that NYC has to offer. Besides, I've never needed that much room, I've been very creative with  small living spaces. I'm frustrated and my mind begins to wander... I start to remember the tiny apartment where I grew up.

We lived in a two bedroom one bath apartment - very small for four people. It was on the first floor which meant you could see and hear everyone that came in or left the building... at all hours. I didn't think twice about it, I thought it was great that I got to see all these people coming and going. I guess I didn't know better, but it was all I knew and I loved it. As a kid I decorated and redecorated my tiny bedroom hundreds of time. My parents never objected and just let me express myself, I guess they were ahead of their time!

My aunt (who was more like a grandmother to me) lived with us most of the time. She was the oldest of my mothers sisters and my mother was the youngest... of thirteen! We all got along even though we had strong personalities (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). I'm not even sure how we did it with one bathroom. It was like living in Grand Central Station with all the family and friends coming over. My father was a saint for putting up with all the drama, but we were an Italian family that lived in the Bronx and drama was just another part of our lives.

I always had a creative imagination and at the time I thought it was a great apartment. After all we had a "terrace" that I'd go out on and tan or sing or draw or just daydream. It may have been just a fire escape, but to me it was our terrace. I even had my own special beach... on the roof. I'd walk up the five flights and sun bathe and look beyond the tops of all the buildings with the clothes hanging out to dry. I'd dream that one day I'd go all the way downtown where I could live amongst the tallest buildings and continue to create my own little paradise. Eventually I did and moved to Manhattan where my dream came true. I even had a real terrace with a garden and I didn't have to share the bathroom with three people.

Most people would kill for the peace and quiet that I have in Suburbia. But for me it's a lonely place and I'd much rather see and hear people coming and going. I'd still like a view... even if it's from my "terrace" on the fire escape.

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