June 24, 2015

"I Identify As ..." - My NY

Around most of the world, June is Gay Pride Month. Pride includes almost everyone these days. It may have started as Gay Pride, but now it's an all inclusive range of "identities" spanning the entire alphabet.

Stonewall Rally NYC 

This year with all that's been happening in the Media, the new buzz phrase is "I identify as..." I identify as this, I identify as that. Just because I identify with a particular group or person, does that make me that person too? This entire concept is so trippy that I can't seem to wrap my liberal mind around it.
Caitlyn Jenner

You know what? I always identified with everyone and I still do. That was one of the great things about growing up in New York! It was the proverbial melting pot. But does "identifying" make me less of what I am and more of what everybody else is? This gets even more weird and that's coming from me! 

In high school I identified with the Blacks and Puerto Rican, but I wasn't Black or Puerto Rican. I identified as an Italian American (guilty) a Nerd (sometimes), a Cool Kid (of course), a Stoner (no comment). I never identified as a Jock,  I just wanted them because they were the hotties! And Cheerleaders, who didn't wanna be a cheerleader? I identified with all these but I was still me. Isn't that what it really comes down to, just being yourself?
Rachel Dolezal

So yeah, yeah I identify as everyone, so maybe I'm no one. But what really drives me crazy is all this PC BS! Just say it like you feel it, approval can come at a price and I ain't buying it. 

Happy Gay Pride to all! Happy Alphabet Pride aka LGBTQIA... pick a letter, any letter at all. Thank you Vanna White. This Pride let's keep it real, be ourselves and let's just be proud. Identify yourself as happy and remember that the rest is all just a bunch of letters and you can always buy another vowel.

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