May 18, 2014

The Party's Over

Doing NY Theatre On The Cheap
The party's over! Translation, I was in NYC and now I'm back in Suburbia. It took me awhile to write this because my transition back into suburban life takes me a looong time.

The weather wasn't great, I got the flu and didn't get to see many friends, but that all seemed secondary. We were able to work on our play we're developing "Some of These Daze" and had two readings of it in NYC. Yeah, I gotta toot my own horn about that.

I felt like a sponge in NYC seeing as much theatre as I could. Whoever says that they can't afford to see a show in NYC, I say bullsh*t! That's right I still have my New York edge, Suburbia hasn't taken that away from me... yet! There are so many options for doing theatre on the cheap, if you're flexible, patient and lucky. There's TDF, TKTS, standing room, lotteries, rush tickets, promos, discounts and free readings. And after all, it's Theatre in NYC, so there's no excuse not to do it!

Just to give you a taste, here's a partial list of what I saw. There were free readings at The Labyrinth Theatre, $30 rush tickets for "A Night with Janis" (front row), $40 rush tickets for "Lady Day at Emerson Bar and Grill", standing room for "Chicago", won the $25 lottery seats for "If/Then",  got nosebleed seats at MSG to see Justin Timberlake the day of the show (moved down closer, of course) not to mention the special Off Broadway "$20 at 20 minutes" promo, where I saw "Intimacy" and "Almost Maine". The list goes on, and ya gotta do your homework if you can't pay full price. Besides we're developing our play, so we hadda see everything!

The Party's Over

Okay, so the party's over. The Tony Award Nominations are in and I'm back in Suburbia starving for life after 8 pm. Broadway theatre and late night dinners ain't happening here in Suburbia. I'm giving up the fantasy of GAGG (Green Acres Gone Gay) because I just can't fight the odds. Suburbia may be beautiful, but bland and boring to me. Guess I'm just a "Broadway Baby".

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