June 16, 2019

Things My Dad Taught Me

I learned many things from my dad... most importantly he taught me how to be a New Yorker.

He taught me to look for a bargain, never pay retail... negotiate. He taught me how to get anywhere on the subway... and how to avoid using a token. He would talk to anybody at the drop of a hat...  yep, that's me too! He tried to teach me how to swim, but mama's fear of the water made me afraid of it too... nice try though dad! He even taught me how to be a child bookie... but that's another story! My dad had a really odd sense of humor which I also got from him. He always encouraged me to be myself... an artist and a gay man. He never gave me a hard time... always being supportive. He was not a saint by any means, but he was my dad and I loved him.

I'll always be a New Yorker thanks to my dad. I remember him and wish everyone had a dad like mine... "And that's nyc2vin."

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