May 16, 2011

When Ya Gotta Go... Ya Gotta Go

Suburbia wins hands down when it comes to public restrooms! What are ya talking about you may be asking?

Well, being a native New Yorker, one of the few things I complained about (while living in NYC) was the public restrooms. There are very few, so if you have bladder issues, you are in trouble... I was always in trouble!!! How many Starbucks or McDonalds can you really slip into anyway? However, in Suburbia, you can always find a public toilet. They are in retail stores, supermarkets, home improvement stores, fast food restaurants, gas stations and malls. OMG! Nature does not have to wait in Suburbia... is that an oxymoron? Anyway... Amen! I have finally found a reason why Suburbia is better than NYC & it is because Suburbia has LOTS of restrooms. I am no longer in pain & can hydrate as much as I want!

In NYC, there are verrrry few public restrooms & most of them ain't pretty!!! So yeahhhhh! I am actually happy Suburbia has something that NYC lacks... I always have access to reasonably clean public toilets. It's pathetic that this makes me happy... but it does & I am, so that's that! However...

There is one fabulous restroom in NYC & I LOVE it! I've gotta share this with you - it's an outrageous public restroom  on 42nd Street in Times Square. It is the "Charmin" (as in toilet paper) restrooms. It is a potty palace set up annually for the Holiday Season. They have deejays playing music, picture & video booths for documenting your "visit"! It is extremely clean & I have never had so much fun going to the bathroom!??? Each private bathroom is named after a city such as "Hollywood", "Chicago", "Tucson" etc. And each room (about 20!) comes equipped with a choice of a variety of different types of Charmin toilet paper to use! For the first time in my life, I had to force myself to "go" just so I could check it out! What fun, but that's a one of a kind place. Now if they ever offer THAT here in Suburbia... well, I could almost wet my pants just thinking about it!!!

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