August 9, 2018

Freakin' Me Out

I'm never in a good mood after fasting and especially when I have to wake up early to get a blood test. After waiting what seemed like hours and fantasizing about pancakes, I finally went in to get my blood drawn. All of a sudden this hyper crazy woman burst into my exam room and started a manic monologue complaining loudly to the nurse and me... while the needle was in my arm!

I was surprised for a moment then blurted out "hey lady, what are ya doin'? You're FREAKIN' ME OUT right now." She looked at me as if I was crazy and returned to her exam room continuing her rant as the needle was still in my arm!

The phlebotomist thanked me profusely and apologized, explaining that this patient always behaves that way. She said "I wish there were more patients like you that spoke up. I have to be quiet and polite even when there's drama."

I went in for blood work, got freaked out, but rewarded myself with pancakes... "And that's nyc2vin."

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