December 30, 2015

Movin' On - 2016

New beginnings, New Year... 2016! Woo hoo - I'm looking forward to it and I don't regret 2015 or say that next year has gotta be better! Really? Are ya kidding' me? Ya never know what tomorrow will bring and that's why I'm so grateful for the past year as I reflect on it. And as you all know I can reflect just a little too much.

It was another year of life and all that it brings... the joys, the sorrows and everything that falls somewhere in between. The pee in your pants good times, the panic attacks that feel like they're never gonna end, even just playing video games on the toilet in the morning! The exhilaration of almost signing the contract on your New York apartment and the devastation when you see it in person and you cancel the deal. The relief you feel when you go to yet another specialist who confirms that there's nothing seriously wrong with you and the sadness you feel knowing that your mother is not gonna be with you for the Holidays and never will be again.

But this is life and it's full of everything! How wonderful is that? Without the bad you wouldn't know the good. It's the yin and yang thing, like my pal Liza sings "But The World Goes Round". So your year sucked? Sorry to hear if it did, but this is life and it ain't perfect. As for me I'm still glad I'm part of it. I will continue to embrace it and feel and question and I thank God I can still complain and rejoice about the whole damn thing.

Thank you 2015, Happy New Year or as Kay Thompson would say Happy "Everything" darling!

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