April 28, 2011

The Hood: NYC vs Suburbia

While living in NYC, I was spoiled! Like most New Yorkers, I preferred  to stay in my own neighborhood. I would make a big deal about going crosstown or uptown. I wouldn't even consider the "bridge & tunnel" ride to meet friends for dinner or a night out.
I truly enjoyed my neighborhood. Shopping, eating, drinking, movies, theatre... everything was within walking distance or a subway ride away. Restaurants knew me, storeowners knew me, it was all very familiar.... almost like being in a small town. Not at all like the preconceived idea that people who live outside of NYC have about us New Yorkers. I would like to break this myth... New Yorkers are NOT cold, mean & nasty! We are a friendly diversified group with personality. We may be in a hurry to get to places, but will gladly stop & give directions to you, I know I did that quite often.

Living out in Suburbia, I've gotten even worse about leaving the neighborhood! My dislike of driving everywhere controls my life! I do not want to leave the house & I do not venture far away. I don't like to get on highways where drivers are talking/texting on cells & possibly drinking. Unlike NYC, when having a night out, there aren't many places to go. Sure, there are malls, restaurants with bright lights that close way too early & not much in the diversity department. So, why bother??? The only way to get directions is from your GPS in your car! There is minimum human contact and perhaps that is why the people in Suburbia seem less friendly to me than New Yorkers. I think it is because of the lack of contact with people. Everyone is in cars. People even drive to their mailboxes & drive to throw out their garbage. OMG! I refuse!!!

It doesn't really matter to me whether I am living in NYC or in Suburbia. (Well, actually it does, BUT)... I enjoy my comfort zone, as most of us do. As different as both places are, the consistent thing is that I like to keep close to my home. But living in Suburbia is definitely much more lonely especially if you're a "people person". You can't really walk out at midnight and get a newspaper, ice cream bar or have a conversation with anyone on the street. And if you decide to get in your car... it may take awhile to find a store that is open at midnight. After all, most people are getting ready for tomorrow instead of enjoying their today.

Thanks for visiting my blog and please leave any comments, suggestions or what you think about NYC vs Suburbia. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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