March 5, 2012

Getting Dirty in Calistoga

I have never liked getting dirty ever since I was a child. I was never one to play in dirt, never fascinated with bugs or trucks. In fact if I got my hands dirty while eating or in any activity, I would scream..."Mommy, Mommy dirty" & demand to change into another outfit. Not much has changed since then, except I don't call for Mommy & it takes longer to pull an outfit together!

As you could imagine, going to Calistoga & experiencing a mud bath was gonna be a very different & challenging lesson for me. I had friends visiting from NYC (yeahh) & it was something we all thought was gonna be a new adventure, so why not?

I was actually the least apprehensive about doing it & was only slightly anxious. Which for me is also a new experience, I usually feel anxiety to the max! It was a totally new thing for me to do on so many levels. I needed the relaxation & boy did it work! The down side to it was I kept thinking about Whitney during her final hours in a bathtub (I lean toward the dramatic) & didn't want a repeat performance... but other than that, I felt calm & relaxed. I really had nothing to compare it to, after all mud baths in NYC are not typical.  

Okay, so the city boy tried a down & dirty new experience & liked it, not that I haven't tried others before... but that's another story & not appropriate at this time! I'm not sure what my point was except maybe sometimes ya gotta get a lil' dirty to feel really good. Thank God I didn't have to clean out the mud bath tub, I can't let go of all my neurosis in one day!

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  1. Fun post, brings new meaning to getting dirty.