May 18, 2013

Green GAYcres

Since starting "nyc2suburbia" I've talked about my transition of moving from NYC to Suburbia. "My Suburbia" is in Northern California, so it's not just a transition to Suburbia (I did live in the burbs back East for a few years) but also a transition to the West Coast. For me, the move has been an overwhelming culture shock as you may know from my posts & many complaints. (Yes, I'm admitting that I like to complain).

I've never intended to "put down" Suburban life, just express my feelings about how I prefer city life. Unfortunately, I haven't "embraced" all Suburbia has to offer & I know it. Simply put I am not a "nature" person... that just ain't me. I don't like camping, hikes or hugging trees. Grant it, I've "camped" ever since I can remember, I've been told to "take a hike" by many & the closest I've come to "hugging a tree" in NY was when I was forced to relieve myself in public by a tree! (Too much info, oh well - that's me). I do appreciate & enjoy the beauty here in California, but I'm a city guy, what can I say? I'm a night person, I'm a people person. I need diversity, fast wit, subways & buses or any form of public transportation. I cannot stand the PC mentality out here!!! WTF? I've noticed a definite delay in audience reactions when attending theatre or even when seeing comedians perform. Whatever happened to laughing out loud when something was soooo bad, distasteful or just too damn funny whether it was PC or not? Gimme a f*cking break!

Before moving cross country I had the stereotypical idea of living in California most NYers have... sunshine, beaches, palm trees & a hip vibe. Oh well, living here burst that bubble, baby! There are seasons, there aren't many palm trees & "hip" just ain't happening here in Suburbia. Restaurants close at ungodly early hours & being "natural" is taken to the extreme... hello hair color anyone? Phewww, okay I obviously still have some issues, but at least I own a mirror or two!

I'm adding another layer to "nyc2suburbia" with a different twist. You see I am from NYC & my husband is from Suburbia, we basically moved back to his hometown (for now) so it has come full circle for him. Fortunately he shares my love of city life & also misses NYC. I'll tell ya about the both of us growing up in two totally different worlds. It will hopefully make you laugh when you understand the difference between us & yet the similarities that we share. Think of it as the old sitcom "Green Acres" gone Gay - "Green GAYcres". This idea of our life as "Green GAYcres" has helped keep me "sane" since moving here & please no comments about my level of sanity...

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