April 21, 2014

Tick Tock - I'm a Number Freak

I'm a freak! A number freak. What's a number freak? I'll tell you what a number freak is... at least for me. I look at the clock, see the time and the numbers are always are a significant date to me. Whenever I look at the time, of course I see the time, but that passes quickly. I see dates. I see birthdays, death dates, addresses, anniversaries... the list goes on. I know this is not normal behavior, but what the hell would I know about normal? Does anyone else do this or am I just a number freak?

Is it because I may have Dyslexia or OCD? Hmm, another topic for my next therapy session. Do I have a "thing" about numbers and dates? All I know is when I see the time I automatically see variations on the number. For example 4:10 would register to me as (obviously) 4/10 or 10/4 or 01/4.  I'm not obsessed with time (except when I look in the mirror and see what time is doing to me) or am I? 

I don't wear a watch, it's too restricting for me. (And I'd never wear one of those ridiculously huge ones that are larger than Big Ben... if I wore a watch.) I've always been late, so maybe I am a freak when it comes to time or numbers. My mother would always say how long I made her wait till I was ready to be born. (Yet another therapy session.)

Or maybe it's the fact that my father was a bookie and I would have to write down numbers for him. My parents often played cards and had card parties... numbers surrounded me.

I'm a visual person, so maybe that's the reason why I see the possibilities in numbers. At any rate, I've learned it's "time" (oops) to embrace my inner freak. Gotta go, the time says 1:24, gonna call a friend. Their birthday is on 4/21, don't wanna be late.

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