October 14, 2014

Aloha from Suburbia

I was out having dinner and it was rather early (for me) and the restaurant was already full. But then again it was Friday night in Suburbia. This is usually "happy hour", but to each his own as I enjoyed my first glass of wine.

As I looked around the restaurant I noticed something very odd. All of the tables had at least one person wearing a Hawaiian shirt. WTF? So many oversized shirts in predictable patterns and bland colors. It looked like the employees from TraderJoes were having a company party. I started craving Joe Joe's candy cane cookies and wanted to ask one of them why they weren't available year round. 

Dressing up in Suburban California means wearing a Hawaiin shirt. It's a whole different mindset than NYC where a vintage Hawaiian shirt would be retro and fun... but not taken seriously. Aloha from Suburbia! Glad to see that a SF Giants or 49ers tee is nowhere in sight, and I applaud that. I wanted to take a photo of the restaurant because I couldn't believe it. It felt like being at a luau, after all it was the entire restaurant wearing Hawaiian shirts - not just a few tables. Was this The Twilight Zone?

After a few glasses of wine, I realized my fashion sense may not be appreciated in these parts as all the floral patterns faded to the background like a camouflage backdrop. I decided then and there that I gotta find myself an attractive, hip Hawaiian shirt. It's gotta be out there... somewhere. Maybe I should go to Kohl's or Tommy Bahama's so I could join the ranks of the Suburban Hawaiian Shirt Militia? Well there's a great sale at H&M and there's always Kenneth Cole. What am I talking about?  I forgot. I bought a fun, fitted retro Hawaiian shirt in NYC at Forever 21 (see photo) during my last trip. Now if I can only find my fanny pack...

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