January 15, 2015

Connected in Suburbia

I could never understand how people were constantly connected to their phones, tablets and computers. In fact it pissed me off... it still does when I see people with their faces buried in their own little world ignoring others and everything all around them. Well the tables have turned and I'm somewhat guilty now too. Have I become one of those people? Hmmm...

Writing in My Fantasy World

Since moving to Suburbia my main connection to people has been through Social Media. But I think I have a legitimate excuse... I'm isolated, there are no people out here. Okay I'm being dramatic, obviously there are people... but they're all in their cars! Social Media has become my friend, my outlet, my lifeline to the world. I would poo-poo this behavior while living in NYC, but it's another story for me out here. I now have two Blogs with two Twitter accounts and two Facebook pages. I also have a personal Facebook page and a community Facebook page. And as if that's not enough I've started another Facebook page just for "Some Of These Daze" the play we're developing. Phew, it's become a full-time job, but without a paycheck. It's almost like a contagious disease and it's spreading. I still haven't joined Linked In and only sampled Instagram so far, so maybe there's still a cure for me. (I haven't found it on WebMD, but I'll google that later).

Blogging in Suburbia
Have I become one of those people who I always thought didn't know how to interact or couldn't deal with people? Hell no!!! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a people person. I am always present when I'm with people and don't resort to my iPhone or iPad... unless they start on a way too familiar rant about some BS I've heard a million times before. And then that all too familiar sound of the "ding" happens and I'm saved by the bell! 
Developing Script with My Pals
I love Social Media and I love people. But if the only way I can connect with people while living in Suburbia is through Social Media, well so be it. And I'm very grateful for all of you "out there in the dark". Now if only I can find a way to turn all of these connections into a paycheck or at least get me back to NYC, then maybe I'll be truly be "connected" with people!

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