February 14, 2015

Fifty Shades of Gay

Believe it or not Gay is not just about rainbows. As a Gay man I'm tired of all this rainbow BS and to quote Judy Garland "I've got rainbows coming out of my ass." There are many shades of being Gay. We are no longer "Gay",  "Lesbian", "Bisexual" or "Transsexual" aka GLBT. Oh no, we've come along way... we now have almost the entire alphabet attached to our former four shades of Gay. We are as of now, LGBTQIA and I'm sure more letters will soon be added.

Growing up in NYC (the center of the Universe) most of what I knew about being "Gay" was what was in the media. I knew there were drag queens, leather daddies, dykes on bikes along with many closet cases. And this was in NYC... I could only imagine what a Gay child knew of Gay culture out in Suburbia! I never really thought about coming "out".  When I was a teenager and my father repeatedly asked me why I didn't date girls I finally told him "some guys don't date girls, so please don't ask me again" (pretty ballsy for a sixteen year old). I was just me and wanted to be loved for being me! I was bullied back in the day, that's just how it was. But it wasn't an "issue", there were always bullies. You didn't have to be Gay to be bullied. There were many shades of being bullied.

Unfortunately not much has changed. Whenever there is representation of the Gay community the media is still compelled to show the drag queens, leather daddies and dykes on bikes. Once again that's what sells and many people still have the need to cling to those stereotypes. I'd like to say there are fifty shades of Gay - but that doesn't even come close! So maybe there is a rainbow full of Gay and way more than fifty shades of grey.

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