March 20, 2016

A Comma Changed My Life ... It's All About Punctuation

I got back to Suburbia after being in NYC, and everyone kept asking me "Did you have fun"? "Did I have fun"? "Did I have fun"? Are you kidding me? That's like asking a fish if they like water? Yes I had "fun" but once again my trip to NYC was for a reason, not just a "fun" vacation. I was searching for an apartment again and continuing my social media work on a landmark preservation project, Save Gansevoort. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to apartment sit while friends were out of town for an extended period. I'm on a budget, and yes you can have "fun" on a budget in New York. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, I know firsthand. I've always lived on a prayer and a shoestring - does anyone even use that term anymore?

I texted a friend and told him that I've been feeling down since returning "home" to Suburbia and losing two more apartment deals in NYC. Later I got a text back saying "...try to be positive - you are alive, pretty, healthy and not dying." The text made my day - I was called pretty and even from a friend who has seen me in the morning... before coffee! Later that day I reread the text. Shit! There wasn't a comma after pretty. I wasn't pretty. I was pretty healthy. Now I wasn't just pretty anymore. I guess I'm gonna have to pay even more attention to punctuation - Exclamation!

Did I have fun? Of course I had "fun". What the hell is life without fun. It comes natural to me, I can even have fun when I'm "pretty healthy" and not just "pretty". A comma can change your life, it's all about punctuation.... that's it - Period.

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  1. Hey Vin --
    So you moved to CA. I feel you. Years ago I moved from the Northeast to Tucson AZ (CA junior). Middle America with a southwestern accent.
    If you need to go suburban, do it. Tucson back then was more desert than suburban, but I'm glad I had it -- for 7 years. At which point I'd had it.
    I look forward to more blog posts from you. I'm into the medium myself (
    Your friend always,

  2. Hi Joel,
    Thanks for your comment, I will definitely check out your blog!
    I had enough of Suburbia after the first year (as you may have noticed from my earlier posts). It's been an "experience" living in Suburbia but have had one regret in my life and that was... moving to Suburbia.
    Plan to move back home to NYC as soon as possible where I'm much happier.