October 26, 2017

History Repeats Itself

It's been one year since I left Suburbia in Northern California and finally moved back to NYC. I've realized even though I moved back to my "old place" it can still feel like a "new place" with similar hopes, dreams and anxieties that I had before. 

As nyc2suburbia: I moved to Suburbia and was hopeful. I wanted a change, new beginnings, new friends and family. I'm generally an optimist, but I was disappointed. I didn't like the change and I expected too much from everything and everyone.

As nyc2vin: I moved back to NYC and was confident. I wanted familiarity, but nothing stays the same... everything changes. I learned the hard way that friends move, friends die and family changes. Again I expected too much from everything and everyone, but most of all from myself.

Well I'm back where I wanted to be. It's not my ideal neighborhood but I made it back - and that's a big deal! On this one year anniversary of moving back, it's the perfect time to celebrate new beginnings as history repeats itself..."and that's nyc2vin".

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