July 18, 2018

Be Careful What You Wish

I learned the hard way... be careful of what you wish for.

For years I had a photo of a small cute white New York City apartment posted on my bulletin board while living in Suburbia. The magazine clipping was a visualization, an inspiration, a goal. All I dreamed of was my little white box back home. I wanna go home, there's no place like home. Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Crash bang and my technicolor musical fantasy made a loud thump back to black and white reality. I got my white box, but being back home didn't live up to my dreams. There were too many comprises and I wanted more!

It's always better to dream big and not limit yourself. Next time I dream, I've learned to be more specific... I want a very large, double alcove white box with a private garden, a great view, no board approval and a dishwasher, of course... "and that's nyc2vin".

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