March 3, 2011

Concerts: NYC vs. San Fran

During my last trip to NYC, I was bummed that we were going to miss Prince in concert by just ONE DAY! His current tour is called "Welcome 2 America", and I have never seen this musical icon perform live. I was happily surprised when his tour was coming to the San Fran area. It was going to be my first major concert since living here. 

Here's my take on experiencing a concert in NYC vs San Fran...

Both arenas - Madison Square Garden & the Oracle Arena, are very similar, except in size... MSG is much larger, & in this case, size is not necessarily a good thing. Both are similar in style, design & overall feel. 

For me, once again, its all about the driving out here in Suburbia! Having to drive, means having to allow extra time to get to the concert (traffic, weather, dining etc.) sooo prep time takes longer. Also, since you're driving, you should not be drinking, & if I am going to have a night out at a concert, I personally prefer a cocktail or two. Obviously I won't be the designated driver, but then again my sense of direction is so bad, I would probably still be driving to the concert even with the help of my GPS! The driving part has yet another added layer... the parking fee - paying a huge ($35) parking fee (cash only) at the Oracle Arena -  WTF?!!! Once parked, there are people having tailgate parties in the parking lot. I have never been to a tailgate party, so this was my first experience to see it, & to be fair, it was interesting. It was not my cup of tea, or specifically not the way I prefer to enjoy a frozen margarita!!!

It seems much more civilized, easier & fun to see a concert when in NYC. You can take the subway or a cab just before showtime, have a few drinks with dinner, no parking fees, & no tailgate parties! You enjoy the show & afterwards, perhaps have a light late dinner... which is really challenging here in Suburbia. 

There is no comparison for me... it's an obvious choice. The better concert experience has got to be going to a concert in NYC. The show at the Oracle Arena was great, Prince was outrageous & the entire evening was extremely memorable, but I'm not sure if I would go to another one. Then again, I did miss Lady Gaga's "Monster Ball" tour a few months ago in NYC & she will be returning to the Oracle this March. Come to think of it, she is a New Yorker & if she's gonna be there... We'll see, maybe I'll give it another shot also. But I still can't wait for my next NYC concert whether it's at The Garden, Radio City or Carnegie Hall... that for me is the ultimate concert experience. 

Please leave your feedback or comments about the pros & cons of going to a concert in Suburbia vs. NYC. Have a great day, thanks for checking in & please pass the word about my blog nyc2sanfran.

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