February 21, 2011

Yes, Virginia, There Are Four Seasons

Being a native New Yorker, I was somewhat surprised that there were four seasons here in Northern California! The weather here does not have the extremes like New York does, so I'm always surprised to hear native Californians complain about their Winter. If they only knew what is is like to experience an East Coast Winter! It can be cold, bitter & nasty... no names mentioned! haaaa

When many of my friends & family from back East talk about the weather here, the majority of them think that California (ALL of California) is always warm, sunny & has palm trees...  Well, FYI, it isn't always warm & sunny & it doesn't only have palm trees! We also have four seasons here in Northern California. The weather isn't as severe as NYC, but there are still four seasons. (Wow, live & learn, I guess).

Being the non stop complaining New Yorker that I am, I have to say that the weather here ain't so bad. Okay, okay... I still wish it were warmer a little longer & there was a little less rain, but come on, I gotta complain about something!!! Oh, did I mention the shorts & flip flops that still go on parading here in the middle of winter? Well, that's another story...

Please leave some feedback or comments about the pros & cons of living in suburbia vs. the big city. Have a good day & thanks for checking in.

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