October 6, 2011

Groomzillas vs. The Wedding Monster

I was planning on giving the full wedding report in this blog entry, but I've put too much pressure on myself & realized I have turned into a Gay Groomzilla & still have not returned to my normal self yet! So I will give a detailed report on my next entry, I promise... if only to share the experiences of what we went through getting ready for our marriage. The drama, the laughs, the detours, the fun, the sweat, the surprises, the horors, the crunch - all of it!
Don't give up on me, it was a lot to digest getting married after being together for 17 years & trying to plan it from across the country made it even more challenging! That plus being back home (in NYC) is always an emotional experience for me. In NYC, I am constantly being surrounded by life, energy & friends (all of which I adore), but this time I was super sensitive because of our pending wedding. Enter the Gay Groomzillas, still not sure who was worse (or better, depending on your point of view)!!!
Now some of you have asked when is the California party gonna take place, because originally our plan was to have another celebration out here also. In a "nutshell" it ain't gonna happen, but that's a whole 'nother story that we won't get into now. Our party was in NYC & it rocked, anything else would be a bad imitation & just pale in comparison. We're not the kind of people to sit around a table with place cards & not mingle or dance.  
Returning to Suburbia emotionally drains me, it takes me awhile to "re-adjust". I just get real down & move at a slower pace & continue to compare both places feeling caught in the middle. Once I'm back in Suburbia, I start planning my next return visit to NYC... & this is before we unpack & do laundry! This is my story, so I just want ya to know that I'm still trying to survive Suburbia with my Sanity, $ense & Style. Some days it just takes longer coz I may be a lot less sane & a lot more sensitive, but hopefully always keeping my style - after all, I am a married man now!  
"Our Wedding" Teaser Video

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