October 18, 2011

Breakdown/Breakthru/Breakout : Mini Makeover for me & My Blog

I think I had an epiphany or something like that. Ok, ok... I had an idea!

I always think people should reevaluate their lives & their looks. To rethink their lives & the same look they've had for years without questioning it. Keeping the same style of clothing, same hairstyle, same glasses, same makeup, same attitude. We as people are constantly changing (hopefully) & need to express that by not getting stuck in a comfortable rut! Most people are afraid of change & don't question things after awhile. I'm guilty of always changing & questioning everything - the complete opposite! I fear not being aware of what is currently going on in the world & being "outta touch" with modern civilization.

In previous blogs, I was "thinking" too much before just writing in my blog & trying to write what people may have expected, since my blog is called "NYC2Suburbia". Then I realized, what the hell am I doing? I have to be more of myself & the creative outspoken person that I am. I have to write about whatever is going on with me (within reason) & share it with you all. After all, THAT is what I do in my everyday life, as those of you who know me. Also I tend to "think outside the box" & as a result may have scattered thoughts. Hopefully they'll make sense to you. If not, skip over that thought until the next thought... that's what I've been doing for my entire life - especially when reading!!! I tend to lose focus with so many thoughts & my lack of attention (sounds like a therapy session now).

My first change has been the format of my blog & I'll continue to play with it till it feels right. I am a very visual person as you may know & I constantly change my style, so why not my blog? It is an extension of me, right? Right! So glad you agree. I will still complain about how I dislike Suburbia & how I love NYC, not New York... but New York City. They are entirely different and if I gotta explain that to ya, well then you've never lived in NYC!!! I am trying to adapt & adjust to Suburbia with somewhat of an "open mind", it is challenging for me, but I am trying to reevaluate our current situation. 

I will also be writing about things as they happen to me & not worry so much about the "perfect story". I realize there is no perfect story & if it's that interesting - like meeting a celebrity, getting married or moving, I can always add to it! What a novel idea? My words are not gonna be carved in perfect stone with the perfect typeface or perfect color! Some days I feel like crap & will wanna complain. Other days I may wanna share something wonderful & new I just discovered, so please join me for my journey. It may be a "bumpy ride", but that's life, baby! As of now I don't have a thousand followers YET, but when I do, they will be following me because they love my honesty & humor, & maybe even my bumpy ride or the color of my typeface!?! "Ya never know!" as Sally Bowles said in "Cabaret".

So if you are not "following" my blog yet & just check in occasionally... WHAT THE HELL are ya waiting for & why just be a VOYEUR? I know it can be fun sometimes, but ya gotta commit to this ride I'm on. Nothing lasts forever... you can always unfollow. Spread the word, talk about it, complain about it, but leave a comment! You can always comment anonymously but please comment, I LOVE feedback! Ya don't have to just say I love the story, I love the artwork, I wanna know what you think. I truly believe honesty is the only way to go, so if you love it, that's terrific, but all I want are your honest comments.

I know that I've done things to get approval or attention in my life & still do! But, I have started to realize that I need to do things for myself, not others. Its like in "The Wizard of Oz" when Dorothy realized she never had to go any further than her own backyard for happiness cause if its not there, you never really had it to begin with. Well, that's a bit heavy AND true! As many of you know I've been "clicking my heels" since moving to Suburbia & I now know that this doesn't have to be a life sentence, but merely a step to the next place I'm going. It may be NYC (I hope & pray) or it may be over the rainbow to somewhere even better than I have EVER been before. But as Scarlett said in "Gone with the Wind"... "I'll think about that tomorrow". It usually keeps the readers coming back for more anyway. Until then, enjoy the "new" me & my breakthrough!


  1. Very personal & funny at the same time. Thanks for sharing. I also have had friends that have had a hard time adjusting to a new place and realizing that happiness was always within. I, too have been guilty of that. Can't wait to read more.