November 5, 2011

Just a Piece of Paper... or Is It?

Yes, a piece of paper can make a difference... in many different ways.

Didn't think it was possible, but my husband & I are more in love today because of a piece of paper. That piece of paper that "validated" our marriage, it made a difference. We never thought it would or that it could or that it even mattered, but it does. Odd that after being together for 17 years, who wouldda thought that a piece of paper could matter so much - it does! And just by signing a piece of paper, Gay Marriage became legal... in some places.

Receiving a card (just a piece of paper too) in the mail does make a difference. If you are celebrating a milestone, like a wedding or a birthday... it can make a world of difference. If you are old or alone & don't have many friends or family... a card, "a piece of paper" can bring a little joy or a smile to a face.

A piece of paper that you threw out that didn't make the garbage pail but hit the ground & blew away. Oh well, it's "just a piece of paper". Perhaps the pile of papers that you didn't recycle, but just threw in with the "regular" trash. Or what about that piece of paper that you threw out your car window? What you do with that piece of paper does make a difference. 

In many forms, literally... paper can make a difference, & that difference lies within each one of us. So if you hear a conversation about the legal rights of Gay Marriage & the "piece of paper" that comes with it, know that it DOES make a difference. Know that you CAN make a difference by mailing a card to someone that needs to be remembered & perhaps make their day. And finally know that you DO make a difference with that piece of paper that you just threw in the recycling bin.

So the next time you see a piece of paper... think of the possibilities, it ain't just a piece of paper.

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  1. Lets make it a reality in California as well.

    Gary G

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog & for your comment.
    Please spread the word....

    Vin @ nyc2suburbia

  3. Nice observation and so true.

  4. Thanks & please spread the word...