December 31, 2011

Letting Go

Letting go is hard for me & probably for you, so I thought it may be an appropriate topic as my final blog entry for the year. How do we "let go" of things? What exactly is "letting go"? And is it really that hard to "let go"Wow, lots of questions & a bit heavy.

As for me, I feel like a pit bull at times coz I don't "let go" of things... a thought, a problem, a grudge. Other times I'm like an elephant that never forgets. I may forgive to a degree, but I never forget. I have issues, we ALL have issues! I wish I had the ability to "let go" of all the negative crap & just "let it go", but it's a process - a long, challenging process. Even with my Yoga study & practice, I still have these problems... although they had no problems with letting me go! Oooops, there I go again - "let it go". Breathe in the positive & exhale the negative.

"Letting go" is also purging & getting rid of stuff... becoming detached from "things". That is also challenging for me coz I am so connected to my things & the memories that are attached to them. Perhaps its because my mother has dementia & I wanna hold onto my memories for as long as I can? Who knows, but hey...this is not my therapy session!

Then there's the final "letting go". I remember being there for my father & also for my mother-in-laws last minutes in this world. That was very difficult, but I am proud that I was able to be there & help them "let go".

Of course you know by now I've been at war with myself with my "letting go" process of leaving my home in NYC. I am sure many can relate to the "letting go" of the familiar. I guess my point is "letting go" is challenging & I could go on with my "letting go" theories & stories, but for now I shall just "let it go" and breathe... 

Thank you all for a great year & for visiting my blog. Please feel free to leave your comments. Whattya waitin' for? Please spread the word about my blog & "Follow" me already... Here's to an even more fabulous, positive New Year with lots of new beginnings for all of us!


  1. I also feel like it is really difficult to let go. Am I a control freak? Or do I just want things done a certain way? Either way, its frustrating. I am going to try to let go by trying it out with baby steps & see how that goes. Thanks for your insight & for sharing. Looking forward to your next entry. Your photos are great also, very creative.

  2. Thanks & baby steps are a good way to start anything.