July 1, 2012

Birthdays & Surprises in NYC

So much for surprises! I was finally leaving Suburbia to go back home to NYC for a visit! Yeahhhhh... I thought it would've been fun to surprise a few friends for their big "special" birthdays. Boy, was I wrong - very, very wrong.

After booking the trip, I found out one of our friends was leaving town to celebrate her birthday in Florida. Then, my best friend was leaving town to celebrate his birthday in Rhode Island! I became paranoid & neurotic. This was not the plan! What do I do now? I didn't want to over analyze the situation, but perhaps my friend wasn't placing as much importance on his birthday as I was? Ok, ok... I'm thinking too much. But then again I used all my reward miles to make the trip.

In addition to this, I was needing my Broadway fix & one of the shows on my list was "Evita" with Ricky Martin & HE was even leaving town to film for a few days. (Ok, now I just don't know what's going on. WTF?) Oh, did I mention that another good friend was leaving the East Coast to visit a friend on the West Coast - thank  God we were gonna be able to catch him for at least a drink before he left!

So, maybe the lesson to learn from this trip is to see what it's like to be back home in NYC without most of our friends. Yeah, that's it. Well, ya deal with it. We booked three shows & no matter what, we can have a few drinks & NOT have to drive. We'll be able to see other friends that work in our favorite restaurants & we're "home" dammit! It's Summertime in the Big Apple - Hot & Humid! 

I know it was a very last minute decision, & we'll have another new experience, yet I feel somewhat guilty that we didn't tell anyone we're back in NYC. But, wow, a new experience in our old town. Broadway, bright lights, late nite restaurants, walking... NO driving! Sounds pretty darn good to me! I did get a surprise though... we managed to get tickets to see Ricky Martin in "Evita" in his final show before his vacation. A surprise? I think not, for me anything is possible in NYC!!!

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  1. Thats too bad, but it sounds like you are back where you are happy and maybe shit happens anywhere! Enjoy.