June 28, 2013

Do You Believe in Love?

We were ecstatic to be a part of The Stonewall Rally... it was a truly memorable day for all of us in NYC. The rally was held outside of The Stonewall Inn - the landmark bar where The Gay Rights Movement began. Edith Windsor (the lesbian who took on DOMA) gave a touching & powerful speech as the crowd cheered. Love was in the air on this hot, humid historic day. The streets were filled with a diverse crowd celebrating with signs, flags, big smiles, hugs & tears. There were news reporters, photographers & a sea of people all wanting to capture & relish this special moment.

It's so ironic for us that The Marriage Equality Act was passed in NY when we were in CA & that California's Prop 8 was struck down when we were in NYC ! What's that about?

Outside of The Stonewall Inn
Either way, the fact remains that DOMA was overturned on Wednesday 6/26/13 & that it is a federal ruling. We are now "all equal" - so why don't I believe it? We know that this may drag out (no pun intended) & get flack (I'm not talking Roberta). I won't get too tacky, but a governor from across the Hudson already started opening his fat mouth filled with moronic statements.

local newspaper called to ask us for our reaction to the ruling for their story. I said "...it took a long time for people to realize the world wasn't flat also..." and my husband said "we are finally just 'as good' as everyone else..."

The Rally on Christopher Street
How great that the decision happens to coincide with NYC's Gay Pride celebration & whatta extra special celebration it will be this year! It's so perfect that Cher (one of the gayest icons) will be performing at this year's NYC Pride Dance on the Pier. So yes, Cher we do "Believe" &  "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus."

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