September 30, 2015

Whose Bed Is It Anyway?

My blog is called nyc2suburbia (sometimes I enjoy stating the obvious). I'm a native New Yorker that moved to Suburbia in Northern California. There were many reasons why I made that decision at the time, it all seemed good on paper, but it was the wrong decision for me. It was one of the things that I did in my life that I regret. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know everything happens for a reason... bullshit! It was an emotional decision and I'll never make another big decision like that based on my emotions. My inner self knew better, but I ignored my natural intuition.

The point to this post is that I travel back and forth to NYC a lot. I do this for my sanity, but since Mama passed, I realize more than ever that I gotta move back "home". I've made many trips apartment searching and I've come close so many times but always get a "NO". It's so frustrating that I'm almost ready to give up the search for a studio apartment in NY! How's this for a great pitch for a new HGTV show... create a show with average people searching for a studio apartment in the city. We all don't have an unlimited budget with a million things on the checklist. Some of us can even live without that indoor swimming pool or that fourth bedroom used only on the annual family holiday get together. Bitter, not really... pissed, you bet your ass!

I'm on a plane again exhausted and not in a great mood. It's been another challenging trip of hearing "no, no, no" in NY from agents, landlords and God (better known as "The Board" in Co-op buildings). I'm feeling defeated, down and depressed on my flight back to the land of eternal highways in Suburbia. I'm able to meditate and finally doze off for awhile with a little help from some Xanax. Suddenly there's some turbulence and I wake up not knowing where the hell I was going... New York? Suburbia? Which friends apartment was I going to or coming from? Was I going home? Where the hell is home anyway? Whose bed am I in now?

Pheww, it took me a few minutes to get my shit together... breathe... think good thoughts... try to relax again. I thank God and American Airlines for all the reward miles that allow me to travel. But my frequent flyer mileage account is running low (along with my patience) and I fear the welcome mats at my friends are probably wearing thin. Relaxed, I fall back to sleep one more time and dream that I'm on that new HGTV! You know, the one about an average guy finding his simple NY studio and getting his dream of moving back home. Fadeout yellow brick road... "Oh Auntie Em"!

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