May 29, 2017

Transitioning - What's My Name?

Hello out there... I'm back. I haven't published anything for awhile because I've been transitioning. I finally made the move back home 2 NYC. But with "the change" came the packing, the unpacking, the designing, the redesigning and getting back into my groove and enjoying life in the city.

I have a challenge though... what do I call myself now that I'm no longer "nyc2suburbia"? I've been going nuts trying to find a new name. What do I call myself now that "nyc2suburbia" is NOW back home in NYC? Who am I? I thought that I could just keep "nyc2suburbia" but that's not what I'm all about anymore. I'll be writing more about my love of life in NYC through theatre, design projects, continuing my take on everyday life along with my photography.

Well "Hello Dolly"- I mean Hello New York, "it's so nice to be back home where I belong". Still not sure what my new name will be, but all in good time. Meanwhile one of my hashtags is #HarlemHaven, cause I'm living in Harlem. Hang in there as I transition back to the city that never sleeps.

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