September 20, 2017

Never Say Never... I'm Back Home

Some things may appear better on paper, but I learned a very important lesson - paper lies. When it comes to making an important decision, go with your heart, go with your gut, not the paper. Moving from NYC 2 Suburbia, it all made sense on paper. Everything pointed in that direction, but I didn't "feel just right" about the move, and I took a chance.

Fast forward a few years, I was determined to move back home 2 NYC because Suburbia wasn't for me. Beautiful for sure, but isolated and living with little diversity. It took me three years to find a place, but I did it and I'm back in NYC. That's the reason for the name change in my social media from nyc2suburbia to nyc2vin. My focus will connect more to what I'm about... theatre, traveling, photography, design and my twisted sense of humor that keeps me going as I try to "survive with my sanity, sense and style."

No one thought I'd realistically be able to move back home to NYC. During the challenge of finding an affordable place I had a few doubts too. There were things I kept hearing from everyone:

"Once you leave New York you'll never be back"
"You're dreaming"
"You were crazy to ever have left your place and move to the Suburbs in California"

Then things started changing and getting a place was beginning to materialize. Never say never. After many trips back and forth and many apartments almost in my grasp, the comments also started to change:

"If anything, you're tenacious..."
"You did it, I can't believe it, but you did it. That's amazing..."
"I don't know anyone who actually was able to move back to NYC once they left... but you did!"

Well I did have a vision and the tenacity. It's been one year and I'm back. Will I ever get rid of my ruby red sneakers? Hell no... they brought me back home. That decision is coming from my gut and not a piece of paper.

"...and that's nyc2vin"

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