September 22, 2017

So Long Summer?

Last call for Summer in the city... or is it? It's after Labor Day and the subway is crowded as I head downtown for Happy Hour. I refuse to say so long to Summer, after all it's just a state of mind and my mind starts to wander. Big jolt back to reality - it's my subway stop. I leave the cool air conditioned car and head out to the hot street.

The heat is intense and the sunshine is blinding as I see a gaggle of paparazzi snapping photos. I pause for a moment and see Selena Gomez trying to get into a pet shop in the West Village to get away from the photographers and buy a puppy. I say "hi Selena" and give her a thumbs up as I continue to head for my margarita while it's still Happy Hour at Ofrenda, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants.

A few minutes later enjoying a Margarita and talking to the waiter he said "you just missed Selena Gomez, she was sitting at this table". I said "I didn't miss her, I just passed her on the street". Even though the Summer may almost be officially over, it ain't over yet! There's another patch of unseasonably warm weather brewing. So much for climate change being a hoax... "and that's nyc2vin."

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