July 30, 2013

You Are Too Funny

"You are too funny". Is this comment a compliment, a put down or merely something someone says when they feel a "need" to respond or don't know "how" to respond?

I find it ridiculous. I crack myself up whenever I hear someone use that phrase. I'd like to think of myself as funny... probably not "2 funny", but funny enough to maintain a certain level of intelligence. And just a wee bit of un PC humor, bad taste about farts & other bodily functions thrown in to make me a well rounded individual. Not 2 well rounded, coz that would just make me 2 fat. OMG, I'm 2 funny... or did I go 2 far?

Douglass & I have both been called:

2 funny,
2 much,
2 of a kind,
2 old,
2 young,
2 fat,
2 thin,
2 gay,
2 fabulous,
2 colorful,
2 neurotic...

The list goes on & on but it's just 2 much for the 2 of us 2 handle.

I love to laugh & it continues to get me through a lot of "stuff". I'm very thankful for laughter & for my sick sense humor - you will never hear me say to anyone "You are 2 funny". So lemme have it & bring it on. Make my face hurt, my stomach ache & watch me double over in half as I wet my pants from laughing 2 much!

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