August 23, 2013

Camping Out or Flying Coach? Roughing It

Talk about two different worlds... remember I'm from NYC and Douglass is from Suburbia, think of the old sitcom "Green Acres" gone Gay. Our Green GAYcres story continues...

The Past:
Growing up in the city I never went camping. My mother would threaten me when I was bad that I'd be sent to camp! Well needless to say I was a perfect child, coz I was not about to venture out into the throngs of the wild. My summers were filled with days of playing in the streets, sitting on the stoop and singing along to my records. (Yes, records... pre CD's)

Dougie Climbing a Tree
Enter Douglass... a complete contrast.

Growing up in suburbia, Douglass was always climbing trees, cardboard sliding down the hills and playing outdoors... in nature. OMG, he even went camping as a kid AND liked it! Once he was chased by a deer and had to hide up in a tree until the deer left and he still laughs about it. Really? I would've moved right then and there!

The Present:
When anyone asks me if I wanna go camping, I look at them as if they're crazy. Then I wonder if I misbehaved and was gonna be sent to camp as a punishment. Holy sh*t, whatta flashback! My answer is consistent... "Me go camping? Flying coach is as close to camping as I can get."

Camping Out Waiting for a Flight in Coach

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