September 16, 2013

The Good, the Bad & the Pretty

Everything's gotta match or coordinate. Is it the control freak in me, my OCD or simply good taste with extremely Gay neurotic overtones? Not sure but either way - that's me.

Bad taste is bad taste... it doesn't matter where - NYC or Suburbia. Things gotta match, or at least fit well. After all we are "Green Acres" Gone Gay! A Hawaiian shirt can look great and always appropriate at a luau or at Trader Joe's. Oversized long shiny poly shorts belong on a basketball court... end of story. Flimsy flip flops are for the beach or hotel bathrooms... definitely never on an airplane! Whatta ya thinking? 

If I were the president I'd make a law that every citizen has gotta have a full length mirror by their front door. This way before they leave their house, they could see the good, the bad or the pretty and perhaps rethink their look!

It may not be everyone's thing, but my clothes gotta match. Am I the only one that coordinates sox jeans and underwear (TMI, I know but true!) I've been known to be late because I give myself that double check in the mirror at least three times. Maybe I have CCC (Consistent Coordinating Compulsion). But the visual doesn't stop there... not for me!

I feel anyone who enjoys eating has gotta enjoy the total dining experience. This includes lighting (think dimmers and candles). You can have the most beautiful, tasty dinner but serve it with bright overhead lighting and the food will look bad - not to mention the faces around the table! If you're smart enough to install dimmers... use them, damnit! And if you're one of the few lucky city dwellers (or the majority of suburban dwellers) with an outside space... eat out there! It can be beautiful, magical and romantic. When you have guests, they'll love it and always remember it. Backyards ain't just for grilling hot dogs, burgers and steaks in the afternoon on weekends.

Somethings never change, but no matter where I live and what I eat (even when it's takeout) my table looks damn good. As long as I can remember I gotta coordinate everything on the table. And music (not TV) has always been an essential part of the picture, there are five senses after all. You could be eating a hotdog, but why not not eat it in a beautiful relaxing atmosphere? 

I'm not saying that my way is the only way (cuz it is) or that I'm better (cuz I'm not). My point is I know I may be a bit compulsive but I still gotta laugh at myself sometimes... remember I may have CCC. There's always a good, a bad or a pretty... so why not stick to the pretty as we give a final look in the mirror before walking out the front door.

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