December 31, 2013

Reflections ... 2013

Whatta year it's been, phew! It's been filled with highs and lows and that's what is so great about life... ya never know.

Whenever I hear anyone utter the phrase "next year has got to be better than this year" or "this year really was terrible, can't wait for next year" I'd like to say - "shut up and thank God you're alive"! You can't have good without some bad just like Liza sang in "But The World Goes 'Round". How can anyone expect that everything always has to be wonderful? I mean I do, but I ain't no Pollyanna or Mary Sunshine, believe me! I'm a complainer and the first one to say the year was less than perfect, but that would also dismiss all the good things that happened.

2013 started off with Mama dying - that was the worst and most difficult part of the entire year. I've had other shitty things happen to me this year too, but why dwell on that? "That's Life" just like Sinatra sang because many good things happened too. I received an award for my work in Alzheimer's and LGBT Awareness in the community. A play I cowrote was accepted and performed at The Fringe Festival with great emotional response. I was able to bounce back and forth from NYC 2 Suburbia helping to keep my sanity. I was also lucky enough to be in the West Village during the historic DOMA ruling and experience the overwhelming sense of pride when Edith Windsor gave her speech to the crowd. I had many good things happen to me, but I don't wanna toot my own horn too much... okay, maybe just a little. I saw a lot of great theatre and have continued to focus on my writing and photography. I've been diving deeper into social media and "All That Jazz". (Okay hadda throw in another show song title). Oh and lest I forget, I managed to survive the Holidaze!

So here's to Mama (who never complained about her bad years and she had many) and "Here's to Life".  After all, the future is full of hope... and I'm looking forward to 2014. Another opportunity to live a colorful, eventful and fulfilling year. I'm gonna keep my reflections of 2013 positive. And as far as the New Years resolutions game goes... gimme a break, will ya?

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