January 18, 2014

Janis Joplin ... You'll Always Have a "Piece of My Heart"

January 19th is Janis Joplin's birthday and she was one of my first "American Idols". I didn't "discover" her until after her death. I read everything about her and listened to her music for hours while annoying my parents... and the neighbors. I was blown away by her voice, her creativity and her honesty. She was ahead of her time and thought outside the box. Janis actually questioned "the box"... whatever the hell "the box" is! Wow, whatta concept. I related to her feeling like an outsider and never fitting in. I also knew what it was like to be different and to be bullied, this was way before bullying was such a hot topic in the media. I'm sure Janis would be a big supporter of the NOH8 Campaign today.

I find it comforting (maybe Southern Comforting) that I live near Larkspur, her last home. It's a beautiful suburban town with redwood trees not far from San Francisco - a city she loved. Often when crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at night, I picture Janis driving her psychedelic Porsche zooming past me onto the windy roads to Larkspur. Okay, I have a vivid imagination!

Even though Janis has been gone for many years... her energy and her music are still alive. And now there's a whole new audience discovering her with the new hit Broadway show "A Night With Janis."  I saw the show and loved it even more than I thought possible. I'm gonna see it again (and again) it was a magical night at the theatre and nyc2suburbia will once again be tweeting about it! I know Janis would be loving the show. She'd be cackling in the back of the orchestra every night and would make sure the audience got up off their asses! Just like Mary Bridget Davies and Kacee Clanton do at all of their performances.

Janis has inspired many of us and we've learned from her "Get it While You Can" philosophy, to live each day the best you can, coz it may be the last. Amen sister!
So, Happy Birthday Janis and Keep on Rockin’! I'll be having my Southern Comfort while toasting one helluva woman and listening to your music. I will continue to celebrate your life and be forever grateful because you will always have a "Piece of My Heart".

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