March 19, 2014

Get Happy

Happy... is it a state of mind or just a state? I almost forgot what it felt like to be happy. Wow, it's great and for me it's about being home. "My little town blues are melting away"... just like Liza sang in the song written for her (and not Sinatra) New York, New York. I have a certain air of confidence and familiarity with everyday things and I love it! It's been so long since I've been able to say that I'm happy and I love it, damn it! Okay,okay I gotta calm down now.

I like to complain (so this may come as a switch) but I didn't realize how much I missed NYC until recently. I was lucky enough to return for a big chunk of time developing the play about Dementia-Mama-Drama. I was so happy to be able to orchestrate two readings of  "Some of These Daze" back home. OMG, "if I can make it there..." Yeah, I know I know, shut up with your musical references already!

In NYC, I'm able to walk out on the streets anytime of day or night and not feel like a prisoner. The other night we were with good friends watching The Oscars in their bedroom. We were sipping martinis and having a picnic on their bed - no, no, no... not what you're thinking! Anyway, I had a glimpse of my old Suburban life - I saw wild life. Alright, maybe not wild life, but a mouse ran by me... not once, but twice as I went to refill our ice. The odd thing is that I didn't scream! In Suburbia, all I do is jump and overact to falling leaves, hooting owls, howling coyotes, lawn mowers growling at ungodly hours, deer passing by me on the way to the mailbox, that I've become jaded by a little mouse. Remember I'm the original Green Acres Gone Gay (GAGG).

Have you ever felt that you didn't want to return to your home when you're away? Have you ever felt like there's so little that you miss, that it doesn't matter? Not even your bed? Well, this happened to me and it's so freeing but it got me thinking. Okay, here's another song reference this time from Judy (Liza's mother, for the theatrically challenged) "Forget your troubles come on Get Happy..." I'm feeling happy being back home in NYC and I know that this is where I belong. I just gotta make sure my ruby slippers (okay my red high tops) never leave my feet while I'm back here in my land of Oz, because... "there's no place like home..." 

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