August 30, 2014

STR8 Marriage + Gay Marriage = Equality?

I am not a PC person and I am proud of this. I speak my mind and I always have. Maybe a little too much for some people, but "Some People" ain't me. And yes, that's a musical theatre reference. You don't have to agree with me, but I tell you how I feel. I express my feelings and will continue to do so... that's just who I am. 

I honestly think most people are happy when two people plan to get married. Making a commitment and sharing a life together is a very powerful thing. Gradually we will all be able to have this very basic right of Equality. How great is that? We'll all be treated equally... whatta concept! But I feel that most people seem to have a double standard when it comes to Gay Marriage and I've been guilty of it too.

Although congratulatory text messages, eMails or Facebook posts may flourish, the wedding cards, gifts or attendance don't seem to be mandatory. Gay marriage doesn't seem to be taken seriously, it's brushed off as a trend. After all... aren't all Gays trendy? How nice for those two boys or those two girls. Note the reference to the couple as "boys" and "girls" and not men and women. Hmmm.

As a Gay person, if you don't attend a straight wedding, all hell may break loose. You can alienate yourself even more. OMG, as if that's possible! In my head all I hear is: How dare you don't come to my happily ever after fairytale dream wedding that I've been planning my entire life that will finally validate me. As if the dream is exclusively just for "them".

Bride2Be: Why can't you be there?
Gay Boy: I'm getting married.
Bride2Be: Oh you're getting married too... how nice. Can you hold a second?

And God forbid you don't send a card or (hold your breath) a gift! She continues obliviously on her fairytale high.

Bride2Be: Oh and we're registered at blah, blah and blah. They have the best everything. And you know how great those will be at the holiday get togethers.
Gay Boy: I've never been invited to any of them and did you even hear me? We're getting married too?

I'm put on hold again, big surprise. Bitter or just a bite of reality? Maybe a little of both. Dismissed, disappointed, disillusioned and dissed... all around.

I believe in Equality. I believe in reciprocity. But I certainly don't believe in obligation. I don't do anything out of obligation, that's me. I believe we've come along way baby, but in my opinion... we still ain't equal.

I do. We did. They didn't. Still waiting. STR8 Marriage + Gay Marriage = Equality? A basic concept whose time has come.

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